Player of the Year Award Archives

trophy2.gifPlayer of the Year Award recipients from the past!

1976  Jerry Beasley   Hooper Academy

1977  Thomas Brown  Jeff Davis

1978  Scott Villar   Jeff Davis

1979  Ray Vollenweider  Catholic

1980  James Derico   Robert E. Lee

1981  Curtis Stewart   Jeff Davis

1982  Mike Turk   Jeff Davis

1983  Jim Parker   Montgomery Academy

1984  Bobby Washington  Montgomery Academy

1985  Robert Gillespie  Jeff Davis

1986  Larry Ware   Robert E. Lee

1987  Hamp Greene   Montgomery Academy

1988  Richard Moncrief  Jeff Davis

1989  Dean Peavy   Robert E. Lee

1990  John Feagin   Robert E. Lee

1991  Trey Sippial   Montgomery Academy

1992  Stephen Phelan  Trinity

1993  Matt Teague   Trinity

1994  Cade Armstrong  Saint James

1995  Mike Caple   Catholic 

In 1996, the Montgomery Quarterback Club switched to a Private School and Public School Player of the Year and began coverage of River Region (Montgomery, Elmore, Autauga). 

1996  Shallum Harris  Trinity

1996  Don Timmons   Robert E. Lee 

1997  Lucus Harris   Saint James

1997  Kenny Sears   Robert E. Lee 

1998  Seth Tatum   Montgomery Academy

1998  Eric Bradford   Robert E. Lee 

1999  Rick Taylor   New Life Christian Academy

1999  Justin Williams  Tallassee High School 

2000  John Andrews   South Montgomery Academy

2000  Keldrick Williams  Lanier 

2001  Frank Aman   Trinity

2001  Derron Tagger   Prattville High School 

2002  Scott NesSmith  Edgewood Academy

2002  Deriontae Taylor  Jeff Davis 

2003  Granger Shook  Trinity

2003  Travis McCall   Prattville High School 

2004  Tommy Trott   Trinity

2004  Bobby Greenwood  Prattville High School 

2005  Bart Eddins   Trinity

2005  Reginald Stokes  Carver 

2006  Josh Hunter   Montgomery Academy

2006  Larry Smith   Prattville High School

2007  Whit Mitchell  Trinity

2007  Casey Weston  Prattville High School

2008  Chris Tice   Edgewood Academy

2008  Adam Davenport   Elmore County High School

2009 Jordan Creel   Alabama Christian Academy

2009 Jack Poundstone  Trinity

2009 Mike Smith   Tallassee High School

2010 - Weston Epperson - Trinity
2010 - Jamal Golden - Wetumpka High School
2011 - Justin Thomas - Prattville High School
2011 - Andy Pappanastos - Trinity
2012 - Dyaln Ingram - Edgewood Academy
2012 - Jeremy Johnson - Carver High School
2013 - Josh Thomas - Montgomery Academy
2013 - Charlie Crenshaw - Wetumpka High School



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