Board Members

2019 Board of Directors 

Head Coach

Virginia Whitfield 657-9322

Asst. Head Coach

Sam Johnson 322-5783


Rebecca Williams 356-1004


Ian Maloy 462-0483

Program Co-Chairman

Jere Beasley 300-5472

Program Co-Chairman

Dr. David Bowen  546-3970

Member, Executive Committee

Brett Scott 799-3096

Member, Executive Committee

Alva Lambert 328-2900

Member, Executive Committee

Adam Schrott 247-6134

Member, Executive Committee

David Vinson 365-0721




Alvin Briggs 263-6994

Louis Cohen 315-9252

Darlene Dixon 275-0486

Levi Dunagan 549-0312

Allen Farr 590-6468

Steve Gulledge 315-6328

Carol Gunter 354-6313

Bill Havron 309-6522

Perry Hooper, Jr. 409-3119

Kendall Leverette 398-2012

Richard Little 467-6068

Bryan Morgan 590-1221

Dr. Jay Robertson 205-616-2225

William Van Hooser 354-2492

Ben Venable 202-3186

J. Ray Warren 288-6111

Johnny Williams 205-361-2068






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